Classic Cars Buying Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank you for considering West Coast Classics for your classic car purchase. We pride ourselves in selling only extraordinary classic cars. For most of our contemporary's, one of the largest challenges in our industry seems to be managing clients expectations when buying a classic car. Classic cars are incredible sources of joy for most people and they can be great investments, but as any classic car enthusiast will confirm, they also are by their very nature older cars that will require a certain amount of up-keep and maintenance. Before you buy a classic car from our company please read the following (FAQ's) Frequently Asked Questions.
Do you restore your cars?

A good adage to remember when considering restoring a classic car is to "think of a number and then double it, maybe even treble it!" It's always better to buy classic cars as restored as possible so therefore we do not prospect for tired rusty old cars to then sell to our clients. We try to find extraordinary solid rust and accident free cars with the majority of our cars being sourced right here from long time owners in southern California, famous for its sunny and dry climate and which is renown worldwide as being probably the finest source anywhere for quailty classic cars.

How do I know I will get the car I expect?

We strive to advertise our classic cars as honestly as possible and we disclose any necessary issues related to the car that we are aware of and we always attempt to post as large a variety of pictures as possible of our all our cars, in daylight and without touch-ups or editing and which will include a multitude of angles of both the interior and exterior, the engine, the trunk and not least, the undercarriage. Before you buy any classic car sight unseen it is very prudent to ask as many questions as possible either by email or over the phone to make sure you are getting what you expect in an imperfect classic car. Virtually all of our clients that purchase cars from us sight unseen are extraordinarily happy with their extraordinary purchases. We compete at being extraordinarily honest when describing our cars and try very hard to make sure our clients know what to expect before buying their new classic car, but we are not perfect and can occasionally miss things that may be important to you so please feel free to email or call and speak to us before any prospective purchase.

How can I secure a car from West Coast Classics?

There are two ways to place any classic car with us on hold as a pending sale; either with a deposit or a down payment.

A deposit is refundable and puts a hold on a car for up to ten days while you get your financing in order or do your due diligence before buying the car at a mutually agreed upon price and terms. Please note that the car will stay on the market however, but It does give the buyer first right of refusal to match any subsequent offer or terms if another buyer emerges who wants to buy the car for either the same or a higher price but only during that 10 days timeframe.

A down payment is different. It is a down payment toward the purchase of the vehicle. We take the car off the market for up to ten days and our company loses the opportunity to sell the car to other interested buyers. Therefore a down payment is not refundable.

Are your prices negotiable?

Although we only sell extraordinary cars our prices are known to be very competitive and we sell a lot of cars because of this fact. Nevertheless you are welcome to make us any serious offer and we will take it into equally serious consideration. There is no harm in asking the question and you never know until you ask.

West Coast Classics have sold literally thousands of classic cars all over the world and are one of the best known and most respected classic car dealers in southern California, if not the U.S.A.

Before buying a car from us, first validate your prospective classic car purchase through a detailed conversation with one of our representatives to be sure you are familiar with your classic car in question or arrange to come and see the car in person or else have the car inspected by a knowledgable classic car inspector/appraiser. The vast majority of our classic car sales are completed through bank wire transfers which are handled through secure banking institutions. After the car is purchased the car is ready to be picked up and we are happy to help arrange or advise you on your shipping options.

Where do you get your cars?

We have a network of close and long time associates from which we source our classic cars. As a result, our classic cars are typically hand picked and purchased directly from the home garages of owners who cherished and took great pride in their cars and usually not from impersonal auctions or third parties, where the car's history is generally a mystery.

Therefore, in most cases and unless otherwise stated, you can expect to buy from us, not only a rare and original southern California rust free antique or classic car, but also receive the comfort, to say nothing of the obviously greatly enhanced value, of buying a vehicle with knowledge of the full history, including any available service records and original documentation, from the car's previous owner/s!

Where do you sell your cars?

Historically we used to sell our classic cars internationally using the classified sections of newspapers and industry magazines but in recent years, since the rise of the internet, we primarily sell our cars through our website and related online advertisements all over the world or to our large network of satisifed previous clients, both internationally and here in the U.S.A. Over 90% of our cars are sold out of the state of California with probably 50% being sold internationally and 40% being sold to other U.S. states with actually only approximately the remaining 10% of our cars sold remaining here in California.

How can I get comfortable with sight unseen buying?

Close to 90% of our classic cars are sold sight unseen. That is a testament to the huge number of people who feel comfortable enough with our company to do so, either through our stellar feedback and reputation or by previous association. Nevertheless, we always encourage anyone to either have their prospective car independently inspected or if at all possible, to make the trip and come see any car in person. Also please note that you can be secure in the knowledge that you are buying directly from a long time California licensed and bonded classic car dealership, well known and respected in the southern California classic car community for many years, as well as internationally, with an extensive and long established web presence and profile for references.

How do I know the car is authentic?

Our company does not intentionally misrepresent anything on any of our cars period! We do our best to authenticate the cars based on previous owners records and statements. We are not perfect, nor do we claim to have any perfect cars, but as our feedback indicates, we have an extremely large community of extraordinarily happy clients. If you are a perfectionist and are very specific regarding the condition and the authenticity of the cars you buy, it is encouraged that you ask us many detailed questions regarding the car before your purchase or else please get on a plane and authenticate the car personally in our showroom.

Are your cars rust-free?

At West Coast Classics we pride ourselves on finding only the very best cars with no rust.

The vast majority of the cars we sell are well above average quality cars with no rust. If any car does have any signs of any rust we will disclose it in our advertisement. Obviously, some of the classic cars we sell may have had some rust repair in the past, but the vast majority do not and if indeed any of our classic cars have had any rust repairs that we are aware of, we disclose it.

Why should I buy a car from West Coast Classics?

We have extraordinary cars and at extraordinary prices. Our team is dedicated to making our clients happy with the cars we sell them and we stand by our cars. Should an issue arise immediately upon purchasing a car from us sight unseen we pride ourselves in having one of the best reputations in the business for making it right. We have been in the business of selling classic cars, trucks & motorcycles for many years and have a very strong reputation in the classic car community as a result of these practices. We understand the concerns with buying a car sight unseen and do our best to validate your faith in us.

Do you sell only restored cars?

We know we have been fortunate enough to have had some of the finest classic cars in the world passing through our hands over the years, from restored cars to barn finds. Many of our cars have had extensive restorations and are show winners of concours winning quailty and others are just very fine, mostly all original and stock, classic cars or true all original barn finds.  

Are the cars as good as they look on in your photographs?

Although our classic cars will most likely look amazing in pictures, they should also look amazing in person too since we take pride in our providing our clients with honest, untouched photographs generally taken in broad daylight from many angles with no attempts made to hide any flaws or to professionally enhance the shots.

Do your classic cars leak?

All classic cars leak sooner or later. We do our best to seal gaskets and fix anything that leaks, like rear main seals, brake leaks, radiator and fuel and other things that can be sealed in order for there to be no noticeable leaks when sold. Unfortunately, the fact is that just like with older humans, all older cars will sooner or later leak somewhere, whether its oil, transmission fluid or any other kind of fluid. We have trays under all of our classic cars because old cars leak. If there are any obviously noticeable or significant leaks that have not been attended to we will disclose that.

Is there a warranty on your cars?

The three year bumper to bumper factory warranty with road side assistance expired many decades ago on our classic cars. Classic cars have many old and original parts and these cars will ultimately all need some repair and maintenance. It is just part of the classic car experience. If you have owned classic cars, you understand, part of the hobby is fixing the cars as necessary.

How much will it cost to ship my car internationally?

For our recommended international shippers please visit our SHIPPING page.

Approximate International Shipping Rates for West Coast Classic Cars from the port of Los Angeles:

Antwerp, BELGIUM:   $1,150
Aarhus, DENMARK:   $1,450
Copenhagen, DENMARK:   $1,450
Bremerhaven, GERMANY:   $1,150
Geneva, SWITZERLAND:   $2,475
Gothenburg, SWEDEN:   $1,450
Kotka, FINLAND:   $1,675
Le Havre, FRANCE:   $1,250
Oslo, NORWAY:   $1,450
Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS:   $1,150
Thamesport, UK:   $1,150
Vienna, AUSTRIA:   $2,475
Zurich, SWITZERLAND:   $2,475
Brisbane:   $1,525
Melbourne:   $1,425
Sydney:   $1,425
Freemantle:   $1,595
New Zealand:    
Auckland:   $1,425
Tauranga:   $1,425
Wellington:   $2,025
Gulf Countries:    
Dubai:   $1,150
Jeddah:   $1,750


How much will it cost to ship my car domestically?      

For a list of our recommended professional and licensed domestic auto shippers contact us today!      


How much is the documentation processing fee on each sale and what is it for?    

A documentation processing fee of $65, which California caps at $65 as opposed to some other states, is charged on each sale to cover any necessary costs related to FEDEX mailings and other professional documentation paperwork fees for processing documents to establish title and registration in order to complete the transfer of documents to the new registered owner.


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