1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 528/610HP V8 HEMI Convertible Replica

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Type: Used
Year: 1970
Make: Dodge
Model: Challenger R/T 528/610HP V8 HEMI Convertible Replica
Body: Convertible
Engine Size: 528c.i. 610HP V8 HEMI
Trans: Automatic
Mileage: 0
VIN: JH27G0B111485
Stock: 11485
Ext Color: Blue
Int Color: Blue

West Coast Classics are proud to present a rare and no expense spared frame off restored example of this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible clone with a date correct crate 528c.i. 600+HP 8.6L V8 Hemi Mopar engine matched to an automatic 'Torqueflite' Hemi transmission with Posi rear end.

This particular car was born with a 318 V8 engine but now boasts a crate 528 Hemi V8 engine with the date correct 2468330 casting number engine from 1964-71 and a 2881489 original 8 3/4 Mopar 489 Posi 'Sure Grip' rear end. The 426 RB block was introduced to power the big and heavy Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth intermediates and full size cars in 1964. This street Hemi engine was the ultimate big block after the 375HP 440 cid V8. Chrysler was heavily involved with racing at the time and the Max Wedge engines were doing well on the drag strip but they were not as competitive on the NASCAR circuits. The Wedge just could not breathe as well as their competitors and Chrysler knew that the reintroduced hemispherical combustion chamber cylinder heads for use on the 426 cid RB blocks was the best design for producing the most power. Rather than build a completely new engine from the ground up Chrysler chose to fabricate hemi cylinder heads and use them on their existing RB engine block. The result was the 426 Hemi from which Chrysler built a great variety of hemi-head engines starting in 1964-65.

The drag race hemi engines were different from the circle track engines with each using different intake setups, internal components and with different displacements. The drag engines were offered in 415 & 426 HP versions whilst the circle track engine was rated at 400 HP with a single 4BBL carburetor. Chrysler first used the engine in the most prestigious NASCAR race of all - the Daytona 500. Hemi powered Plymouths took the first 3 positions in the 1964 race and although Ford won 30 races that year compared to Chrysler's 26, it was obvious that Ford's 427 Wedge days were numbered which resulted in Ford building its own hemi engine, the 427 SOHC.

It should be pointed out that the 426 Hemi and other engines used in sanctioned racing were special, low production engines that were never really intended for use on any street vehicle. Indeed the engines were only produced for street cars after NASCAR ruled that if either Chrysler or Ford wanted to race their complex and expensive hemi-head engines then they would have to build a certain amount of street cars with these motors and sell them first to the public. Ford famously declined but Chrysler went ahead and so the legendary 426 street Hemi was born in 1966. Ford eventually did build its own street hemi, the Boss 429, but not until 1969.

This particular car is the recipient of a full frame off restoration with no expense spared and boasts a crate 528c.i. 610HP 8.6L V8 Hemi engine matched to an automatic 'Torqueflite' Hemi transmission and Posi-traction rear end. The car looks very impressive with the desirable 'Shaker Hood' and in it's striking 'Blue' color with a 'White' interior and matching 'White' power soft top. The car was born as a 1970 Challenger Convertible with a 318 V8 engine in 'Bright Red' with High Trim Grade with Bucket seats, full door panels, a 'White' top, 'Light Package'; & the 'Basic Group' which includes Power steering, left remote mirror, AM 'Music Master' radio, 3 spd wipers; Center console with woodgrain, chrome driver side adjustable racing mirror & Power convertible top.

The car now has a crate top-of-the-line 528c.i 610Hp 8.6L V8 Hemi engine with the following specs:

Heavy-duty Siamesed Bore Cast Iron Block with cross-bolted mains
Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Black Cast Aluminum Valve Covers
Stainless Steel 2.25" Intake Valves and 1.94" Exhaust Valves
Heavy-Duty Single Valve Springs
Premium Material Valve Stem Seals
292 Hydraulic Camshaft - 0.524"/0.543" lift
Forged Pistons - 4.50" bore, 10.25:1 compression ratio
Aluminum Dual Plane M1 4-bbl Intake Manifold
Forged Steel Crankshaft - 4.15" stroke
Precision Double Roller Timing Chain and Sprockets
Chrome Front Cover
6-quart Rear Sump Oil Pan (1970-71 B- and E-body style)
Spark Plug Wires
High-Performance Electronic Distributor

The car has been restored with great attention to detail as an original 1970 Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible with the crate 528 Hemi V8 engine being ridiculously powerful and strong with few miles since the build and with the functional shaker hood. This particular car drives like a dream, the transmission shifts smooth and the engine temperature always runs cool. This is one very rare and highly desirable fully frame off restored example of one of the most iconic, desirable and outstanding muscle cars of all time, the 1970 Dodge 'Hemi Challenger' R/T Convertible which along with it's close cousin the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 'Hemi Cuda' Convertible, have the highest repute amongst collectors for both their beautiful lines and simplicity and unsurpassed high performance at the pinnacle of their development in 1970/71 and most especially their rarity!

In 1968 the entire Chrysler B-body lineup was redesigned and the Dodge Charger was further differentiated from the Dodge Coronet models. A new high-performance package was added, the R/T which stood for 'Road/Track' and which came standard with the previous year's 440 'Magnum' with the 426 Hemi optional. The Chrysler Corporation began an ad campaign featuring a cartoon bee with an engine on its back promoting models called the "Scat Pack". The Coronet R/T, Super Bee, Dart GTS, and Charger R/T received bumble-bee stripes (of two thin stripes framing two thick ones). The 1968-70 Dodge Charger was, and still is, a styling sensation when introduced in 1968. The R/T was the extreme sporting model identified by it's designated XS29 VIN and 'Scat Pack' bumbleebee striped tail and was comprehensively equipped for grand touring American style including the competition style gas filler gap. The Hemi version cost $604.75 in 1968 dollars which might explain why only 475 such cars were ever sold with only 211 boasting the 4 speed manual transmission (which was a no cost option!). With these cars Detroit achieved a rare combination of classic lines, outstanding performance, and better than average quality control. Unfortunately styling along with performance deteriorated after 1970 and although the name continued through the '70's it was never to achieve the cult status and collectible desirability of this 1968-70 generation.

The Dodge Challenger coupe debuted in 1970 as a near cousin to Plymouth's third generation Barracuda apart from outer body panels and a 2" longer wheelbase. Too late to do Dodge much good in a declining pony car market with a rapid sale decline in the this very first year leaving some now very rare and collectible low volume R/T and even sportier T/A offshoots built in 1970 only and created for SCCA Trans Am racing and roughly equivalent to the AAR 'All American Racing Team' of Dan Gurney 'Cuda. Even rarer and more exclusive and now extremely collectible was the Dodge Challenger Convertible which when it came along with it's close cousin the 'Cuda could eventually claim to have the highest of collector status when in it's ultimate incarnation and optioned with the Hemi engine! Only 3,173 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertibles were ever built of which this R/T Replica is one, with only 1,070 actual R/T Convertibles actually built and with only 9 actual factory R/T Hemi's built which today, at the peak of the market, could expect to bring well over $1M. The Hemi 'Cuda Convertible was the first muscle car to break the $1M mark in 2002 and recent sales had topped over $4M for the last year of production in 1971.

As a result, some of the most desirable and collectible classic cars in the market today are Hemi muscle cars or Mopars as they are also called with the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible being considered by most enthusiasts as being by far the sexiest and one of the most valuable cars on the list, along with Hemi 'Cuda Convertible. In 1970, the new Dodge Challenger was introduced to do battle with the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang and was offered as a two-door hardtop or convertible with the Hemi engine as optional. This wide, sporty muscle car was only available as a coupe or convertible but the dizzying array of options meant that no two cars were exactly alike. The RT, short for road and track, was Dodges top of the line performance car and of course, a Hemi powered RT was the cream of the crop. Dodge had hoped to profit from the RT but this was not to be. Due to its rarity and high performance engine and distinct body style, the 1970 Challenger RT 426 Hemi Convertible today is extremely collectible and will always command a blockbuster prices in any market.

As a further reference point Plymouth first introduced the Barracuda in 1964. Available as an option for the Valiant, the Barracuda did not become a car in its own right until 1967 when it was redesigned. This model year however was plagued
with problems and so the Barracuda had minor changes in redesign for the years 1968 and again in 1969. It was not until 1970 however that the folks over at Plymouth finally got it right. The Barracuda underwent a major face-lift. Developed on
the completely new E body platform, the new Barracudas allowed for better performance and the accommodation of bigger engines (including the Hemi). This new, bigger and better body style resulted in the Barracuda finally become a true performance car going by the moniker 'Cuda. Hemi 'Cudas were built with functional shaker hood scoops and also
came equipped with special high performance suspension packages. In 1970 just 652 Hemi's were installed on hardtop coupes and only 14 convertibles were outfitted with the Hemi package. The 1970 and 1971 Hemi Cudas models are very rare collectible cars, the few in existence today are in the collections of the wealthiest collectors.

In summary, this frame off restored 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi Convertible replica with a crate 528 Hemi V8 engine matched to the desirable Shaker Hood is one rare example of this legendary muscle car icon, ready to drive and enjoy today and a sure-fire investment that's sure to appreciate over the years for any classic American muscle car or obviously Mopar enthusiast!

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