2019 Polaris Slingshot SLR Red Pearl with 300 original miles

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Type: Used
Year: 2019
Make: Polaris
Model: Slingshot SLR Red Pearl with 300 original miles
Body: 3 Wheel Motorcycle
Engine Size: 2.4L LE9 4 cyl
Trans: 5 spd manual
Mileage: 301
VIN: 57XAARFA5K8134326
Stock: 34326
Ext Color:
Int Color:

West Coast Classics are proud to present this stunning 2019 Polaris Slingshot Red Pearl SLR, finished in the most attractive color combination of Red Pearl with a black interior and the top-of-the-line SLR trim matched to the most desirable 5 speed manual transmission and still as brand new with only 301 original miles!

The odometer on this Slingshot SLR currently displays approximately 300 miles.

Factory equipment includes 18-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels, LED exterior lights, a hood vent, dimond stitching on seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 7-inch display for the infotainment system, cruise control, and a rearview camera, among others listed below.

Pegged at the intersection of motorcycles and cars, the Polaris Slingshot arrived for 2015 with a tubular chassis, polymer body panels, a front-mounted General Motors-sourced engine, and a reverse trike layout. It offers the experience of riding a sports bike and the handling of a sports car; it has no doors and no roof, but it features a steering wheel and pedals. 2020 brought a new engine developed in-house and an available automatic transmission, among other changes, but who in their right mind would want to spoil this most exhilarating experience with an automatic transmission?!

Power comes from a 2.4-liter ProStar 4-cylinder engine, Output is sent to the rear wheel via a 5-speed manual transmission.


18-inch front wheels, 20-inch rear wheel
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Traction control
Power steering
LED exterior lights
Hood vent
Diamond stitching on seats
Leather-wrapped steering wheel
7-inch display for the infotainment system
Cruise control
Rearview camera

The Polaris Slingshot 3 wheeler was introduced in 2014 as a 2015 model with a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, side-by-side bucket seats and has very impressive drivability including no leans when entering a turn like its close cousin the motorcycle!


It has no roof, no doors or side windows and very impressively the whole interior is waterproof so it can be hosed down and drained out using drain holes in the floor.


The S and SL models come with a 20" x 9.0" back rim fitted with a 255mm width tire, and 18" x 7.5" front rims with 225mm wide tires. The SLR and R models have the same front rims and tires with the addition of a 20" x 11.0" rear rim fitted with a 305mm wide tire.

All models have a front double wishbone suspension and an anti roll bar. Until 2020 it was only available with a 5 speed manual transmission until the release of the generation two models.

A small windshield is an optional extra on the base model, but fitted as standard on the SL model. There is also an optional fiberglass wind and sun cover, which Polaris calls a "Slingshade", that features inset windows and snaps onto the Slingshot's tube frame, acting somewhat like a hardtop roof.

The steering wheel, shifter and clutch and brake pedals have a conventional car type layout. Seat Belts are fitted; however, it has no airbags or rumple zones, and depending on your jurisdictions the driver and passenger must wear helmets. The Slingshot has two seatbelts, but they come from the inside and buckle to the outside of each seat, opposite of a car. And it has three wheels, a steering wheel, three pedals, and a desirable five-speed manual transmission for the ultimate driving incarnation of a three wheeler!

Depending on jurisdiction, the Slingshot may be registered as a motorcycle or as an autocycle. An autocycle is part automobile, part motorcycle that kind of eludes classification by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At the federal level, it is regulated like a motorcycle. But states have distinguished autocycles from motorcycles by saying they have a steering wheel and a seat for the driver, whereas a motorcycle definition lists handlebars and the rider straddles the seat. The definition matters because certain motorcycle laws can be sidestepped, while certain efficiency and safety requirements that apply to cars can also be sidestepped. As of this posting, we understand there are 45 states with autocycle classifications, up from 31 in 2017. Alaska, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts and Maine require a motorcycle endorsement or license.

The Polaris Slingshot is neither car nor motorcycle. Its missing a lot of things besides a roof. What the three-wheeler has mostly is fun!


It is powered by a GM-built 173-horsepower 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder Ecotec engine, which has been used in previous generation GM compact and midsize cars, from the Saturn Ion to Chevy Malibu. Its paired to a Sparco five-speed manual transmission that churns out 166 pound-feet of torque.


The difference with this engine on this three-wheeler is the weight. At only 1,743 pounds, its about half the weight of midsize cars. And since there is very little sound deadening or cabin enclosing you from engine and road noise, it is one very visceral vehicular experience to be had this side of a motorcycle.

The engine roars under full throttle and begs to be redlined. The 166 pound-feet of torque available at 4,700 rpm kicks in right around 3,000 rpm. There is no doubting why it is called Slingshot. It throws you back in the seat while lifting you up at the same time. Polaris claims it can hit 60 mph in under five seconds; Everything feels faster, quicker, more.

Polaris is an American brand that owns Indian Motorcycles and makes all kinds of fun vehicles from ATVs to snowmobiles.

It is most fun on turns. Since the seating position is so low to the ground, sitting eye level or lower than the door handles of most other vehicles, it dives into turns and slingshots right out of them.


The five-speed manual transmission is firm with balanced feedback. The top SLR trim comes with steering wheel and shifter knob from Sparco, the sexy Italian motorsports part and apparel company. 


SLR upgrades to 18-inch front wheels and a massive 20-inch roller in back wrapped in wide tires. The 305/30R20-size tire can also be found on supercars such as the Acura NSX and Audi R8.

Polaris claims a top speed of 130 mph.

The Polaris fits the top SLR trim with snug bucket sport seats. There is a Grand Touring model with a top, and a Slingshade canopy.

Bore x Stroke
88 mm x 98 mm
Compression Ratio
2,384 cc
Engine Type
GM Ecotec 2.4L DOHC 4 Cylinder
Fuel Type
91 octane or higher
Peak Power
173 HP @ 6,200 RPM
Peak Torque
166 ft-lb @ 4,700 RPM
Rev Limit (RPM)
7,200 RPM
Valve Train


Fuel Capacity
9.77 gal (37.1 L)
Ground Clearance
5.0 in (127 mm)
Max Wet Weight
1,749 lb
Overall Vehicle Height
51.9 in (1,318 mm)
Overall Vehicle Length
149.6 in (3,800 mm)
Overall Vehicle Width
77.9 in (1,980 mm)
Track Width
69.1 in (1,755 mm)
105 in (2,667 mm)


Front Brake Rotors
Vented cast iron rotor, aluminum center hub, 298 mm diameter
Rear Brake Rotors
Vented cast iron rotor, aluminum center hub, 298 mm diameter


Anti lock Braking System
Polaris EPAS, Speed Sensitive
Auxiliary Light
Projector H3 55w
30AH, 12V, 400 CCA
ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
Projector H9 65w
Indicator Lights
License Plate Light
Steering Actuation
Steering Turns, lock-to-lock
Tail/Brake Light
Traction Control
Turn Signals


Front Tire Size
225 / 45R18
Front Tire Type
Kenda SS-799
Front Wheel Size
18x7.5 J
Front Wheel Type
Forged Aluminum
Rear Tire Size
305 / 30R20
Rear Tire Type
Kenda SS-799
Rear Wheel Size
20x11.0 J
Rear Wheel Type
Forged Aluminum


Bevel Drive Ratio
Clutch Type
Dry, Single Plate, Hydraulically Actuated
Final Drive Ratio
Final Drive Type
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt, 36 mm x 147 T
Gear Ratio (1st)
Gear Ratio (2nd)
Gear Ratio (3rd)
Gear Ratio (4th)
Gear Ratio (5th)
0.729: 1
Gear Shift Pattern (Manual)
Reverse Gear Ratio
Transmission Type
5 Speed Synchromesh with Reverse

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