6 Things To Know Before an EBay Classic Car Purchase
EBay Is A Great Place To Buy Classic Cars But Buyers Need To Exercise Due Diligence
The EBay Motors department has become massively popular in the last few years and its easy to see why. The site is easy to navigate - a mere click of a mouse gives you access to hundreds of cars; searchable by location, color and options just to name a few. This proves invaluable for the consumer searching for that rare elusive classic car as it saves both money and time. While this wonderful medium is a godsend, its still very much buyer beware. Heres what to look for when youre looking to get the best deal on your hard earned cash:
1. Price Is Important But Not As Important As Mileage And Condition
The price of a car in most cases is negotiable, but the mileage and condition are not. No matter the price, if the cars mileage is sky high or the condition is not great, you may be throwing away your money or worse, spend even more money trying to fix the unfixable.  When buying a classic car on eBay its well worth the time to ask the right questions and to pay attention to the miles and condition of the car.
2. Finding Out The Cars Ownership History Can Save Much Grief Later On
As a general rule, one owner classic cars tend to be better cars than cars with multiple owners. Buying from these owners means that you have a much better chance of getting an accurate picture when it comes to the cars performance and problems.  Sometimes but not always, a car with multiple owners may indicate a problem.  You should pay even more attention to this if the car is highly collectible or a particularly rare model
3. Availability of Service And Maintenance Records Is A Good Thing
A car with records is a good indication of its condition. As a rule, cars regularly serviced, especially at the dealers indicates good care and maintenance. If your classic car, advertised on eBay has these, its a definite bonus
4. Find Out The Location Of The Car And Where Its Kept
Certain parts of the country such as Arizona, Southern California etc are drier and not exposed to harsh conditions such as hale or snow. As, a result, cars in these locations are tending to have minimal or less rust than cars from other areas. If youre buying a car sight unseen, its desirable to buy from these areas. Also ask where the car is kept- a car kept in a garage or under a cover is highly desirable. This classic car is less exposed to the elements and generally the paint is better condition.
5. Very Important: Ask Lots Of Questions.  Pay Close Attention To The Responses Of The Seller
Youve searched on eBay, found your dream classic car and youre ready to buy.. before you hit that buy it now button, its very important to speak to the seller to verify the information in the ad. Just like you, I dont like talking to strangers on the phone- I prefer to email or text. This however is the single most important thing you can do if you do nothing else.  Is the seller open and willingly to answer your questions? Does he or she seem hesitant? Do you get the sense that the seller is being dishonest? You need to take all this into consideration before buying your dream classic on eBay
6. Dont Discount Classic Car Dealers
You can pay more for a car from a classic car dealer than from a private party but this is not always the case. In fact, with the plethora of information out there, many people know what their cars are worth and price them accordingly. This is especially true of classic cars.  Classic car dealers (especially if theyve been in business awhile and have a good reputation) tend to be more knowledgeable than the average classic car buyer and generally tend to know a good car from a bad one. Also while eBay has some protection available for you the car buyer, purchasing a car from a dealership provides even more coverage. After the fact, if some issue with the car arises you have more options. A car from a private party usually means once you buy, thats it

Please Note:
In the interest of full disclosure the writer, Rochelle Cools, is a part time consultant for West Coast Classics, LLC., a classic car dealership located at 1918 Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica, CA
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